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The theme for this term is Friendship


This term we will be talking about Friendship in class and in worship. We will be looking at stories of Friendship and discussing what makes a good friend. We will be thinking about questions, such as:

What makes a good friend?

How does Jesus show friendship?

How does Jesus show forgiveness to his friends? How can we use this to influence our choices?


Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an important part of each day at Bakewell Infant School and we have an act of worship each day. We also have special days and weeks throughout the year where we look at celebrations in all faiths. 

Monday: Whole School Worship with Canon Tony

Tuesday: Whole School Worship at Medway as part of Awards assembly

Wednesday: Whole School singing assembly and completing Tony's challenge led by worship leaders

Thursday: Class assembly using picture news to look at current affairs and issues.

Friday: Whole school Worship to review the week



As part of our sequences children are always given an opportunity to send their knowledge to others. In the final assembly each term the children share what they have developed with parents. For example, the children shared the Easter message and what they had found out about Justice to parents at a special service at All Saints Church.


The themes for our Collective Worship come from The Roots and Fruits programme, containing values which reflect both the Christian ethos of the School, whilst upholding key British Values. We also look at British and Christian values through events which are happening in the news using a resource called Picture News. 



Spirituality in Collective Worship

Collective Worship is the beating heart of Bakewell Infants. It provides the opportunity for our school community to share experiences, ideas and understanding. The language of spirituality, which we use as a school, is regularly and explicitly shared in the context.


Collective Worship provides the opportunity for pupils to become aware of the importance of reflection and how our positive and negative experiences can be formative. It also provides a real sense of being present. There is always and invitation to pray which is often led by our Worship Leaders.


Through daily Collective Worship, pupils are offered a space and a place for hearing the Christian story. They are offered an understanding of worship by being invited to participate in, or observe, Christian spiritual practices such as prayer, reading and reflection on the Bible and liturgy and are introduced to different musical traditions.


Opportunities to reflect on the wows of life such as beauty and joy of the world are given, as well as time to reflect and empathise with the oh moments of disappointment or pain. Pupils are given time to consider their responsibilities to others and to grow in love and service.


Time is given for celebration, both for the accomplishments of school members and to mark seasonal Christian festivals and celebrations in the calendars of other faiths. In this way pupils are offered time to be able to contemplate and develop spiritually. Collective Worship in (Bakewell Infants) is invitational, inspirational and inclusive.


British Values

During Collective Worship we support children on their personal spiritual journey and promote respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Children learn about different religions, their beliefs, places of worship and festivals such as Judaism and their celebrations.


Mutual respect underpins all our worships as children are able to express their own views and beliefs in a safe and supportive environment. Through our school worship children are taught how to earn trust and respect and are supported to develop a strong sense of morality; knowing right from wrong and doing the right thing even when it’s difficult.  


Our Collective Worship themes explore ideas of democracy and how people have significantly influenced changes in the World through;  teachings of The Bible, current news items, local news and related stories.



In worship we use both the Lord's prayer and also the Class prayer photographed above. We also have prayers written and read by children across the school at the end of each worship. Each class also have a prayer book where children are encouraged to write prayers to share with their class.



 For Harvest this year we collected food to send to the local food bank. We also held a Harvest Festival celebration in school. Canon Tony also collected donations to take to the Poland.

Picture News

We use picture news each week to look at current news stories, provide images, a thought-provoking question and a variety of teaching resources.

Example of One of our Worships