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Nursery Consultation

Consultation on extending the school age range at Bakewell CofE Infants to include provision for three and four-year-old children.  


The Current Position  


Bakewell CofE Infant school currently provides education for children from 4 – 7 years. We are a fully inclusive school committed to providing a stimulating, caring and Christian learning environment.  


We have been aware for some time that many of our parents would like our school to offer nursery places. This view was supported in the recent survey which was conducted. We are lucky enough to have accommodation within the grounds of the school which will allow us to offer nursery places.   


The Proposal  


It is proposed to extend the age range of children admitted to Bakewell CofE Infant school from 4 – 7 to 3 - 7. There would be 10 places for 30 hours per week, available for 3 – 4 -year-old children.   


We are proposing that the children would be taught in a dedicated classroom space, located on our current site.  


The unit would be led by a full time, specialist teacher together with excellent support staff.  


The Benefits  


  • The children would benefit from experiencing early educational activities to support their learning and development, as part of a wider school curriculum and led by a qualified teacher.  


  • Research has shown that where schools provide Early Years education, pupils make fast progress as they move between the early stages of learning. School staff are able to share their expertise between Early Years and Key Stage 1 and this is critical to consistent progress.  


  • Where children go on to attend the school, the transition would be a smooth and effective process allowing the children to settle more quickly. It would provide continuity of education and provision through a single leadership team and governing body  


  • It would support parents/carers in finding high quality, flexible childcare in the local area and offer a wider parental choice.  


  • A wider range of resources and expertise could be shared across the age range of the school. This flexibility can be particularly useful for children with special needs or vulnerabilities.   


  • It would provide opportunity for children to attend provision on the same site as their older siblings. This should impact positively on parents’ time and logistics of using different childcare providers.  


  • It is hoped that these arrangements will be in place ready for September 2024. This would depend on the formal process to be followed.  


How to make your views known  


We are currently consulting on the proposal outlined above and would be happy to receive your comments by email to: or by letter to the school addressed as follows:  


FAO Mr. B O’Connell  

Bakewell CofE Infant school 

Bath Street 


DE45 1BX 


We have also provided an online survey where you can make your views known:  


All comments must be received by 9.00 a.m. on 22nd December 2023 





The Governing Body of Bakewell CofE Infant School is proposing to formally lower the age range of school from 4 – 7 years to 3 – 7 years in order to make new early years provision for 3 – 4 year old children.  


We would like to know the views of parents and other interested members of the community.  


Why are the governors making these proposals?  


All 3 and 4 year old children are entitled to 15 hours per week (and some 30 hours) of free Early Years Foundation Stage education from the beginning of the school term following their 3rd birthday until compulsory school age. This free entitlement can be taken in a school nursery, a ‘foundation stage’ class and/or in an Ofsted registered private and voluntary sector setting. It is parental choice as to which type of provision is most appropriate for their child and most convenient for individual circumstances.  


Bakewell CofE Infant School is proposing to provide places for 3 - 4 year old children as an extension of current infant class provision, by the creation of a Nursery Unit. Early Years staff would work together to provide an excellent environment for young learners’ development. The Nursery Unit would have a qualified teacher to support the learning and development of the 3 and 4 year olds.  


What would ‘Nursery Unit Class’ provision look like?  


It would be very similar to what is currently available to existing reception children in school. There would be high quality play-based provision including role-play, sand, water, construction, reading, mark making, and outside play.  


The Nursery Unit will be held in a purpose-built indoor space with access to appropriate outdoor play areas.  


Why is this consultation taking place?  


Currently the youngest children that the school can admit are in the reception class. In order to take younger children into the proposed new Nursery Unit, legal processes must be followed to lower the age range for the school from 4 – 7 year old children, to 3 – 7 year olds. The first step in this process is that the local community must be asked for their views.  


How many places will be offered?  


The proposed Nursery Unit will provide up to 10 places. This could be arranged flexibly depending upon the needs of the family and current legislation.  



Which children would be eligible for a place?  


Priority for admission to the Nursery Unit will be determined by an admissions policy. The governing body have published a proposed admissions policy for the nursery as part of the consultation. The draft admissions policy can be found at the top of this page.


How will the new foundation unit class affect other providers?  


The new Nursery Unit would take children aged 3 - 4 years old. Our school has links with other local pre-school providers. They are being consulted and have the opportunity to make their views on the proposal known.